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Welcome to the Soul Image Experience, a blog dedicated to exploring the upper reaches of the human experience and unlocking the potential of our mind, body, and spirit. My name is Paul Parreno Vivas, and I’m the founder of CarpeDM Adventures, a travel company based in Quito, Ecuador. My journey to creating CarpeDM was anything but conventional. After spending many years working in the corporate world, I decided to take a year off and spend time with my Mom in Ecuador. I fell in love with the country, and decided to stay and explore South America. Along the way, I was inspired by the performance of Robin Williams in Dead Poet Society to start my own travel company, with a mission to “Do More” and provide a social, environmental, and meaningful purpose behind our business ideas.

Over the past 15 years, I have faced many obstacles and challenges, from running a business in a developing country to the impact of the COVID pandemic, as well as personal tragedies and crises. Through it all, I have learned the importance of maintaining a positive mindset, staying connected to my purpose, and seeking out the beauty and wonder of the world around me.

That’s what the Soul Image Experience is all about – exploring the upper reaches of the human experience and sharing the tools, insights, and practices that have helped me and many others to thrive in the face of adversity. From the science of flow to the mysteries of spirituality, from the art of photography to the philosophy of well-being, this blog is a journey into the heart of what it means to be human.

Join me on this adventure, and together, let’s unlock the full potential of our mind, body, and spirit, and create a life of meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.

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